We want to prove that we can do better for the planet without compromising on pleasure. We’re starting with an ultra-sexy and generous vegetarian menu, but we didn’t just do that. We tried to improve everything: product sourcing, team quality of life, restaurant design, waste management and waste reduction.

100% vegetarian, meat-free and fish-free menu

Priority to local x direct x organic

100% seasonal products

99% raw unprocessed ingredients

0% fake meat

Objective: no waste

Natural, organic or biodynamic wines

Priced just right

An addition at the right price

The heat from our machines heats the water for our taps

We don't turn on the air conditioning, we turn on the fans

The teams is trained all year round on ecological practices and sustainable food

A filter on our windows saves us a few degrees

Cool benefits for our teams, obviously

4 day week for most positions

A minimum of cuts

Priority given to regenerative agriculture, agro-ecological practices and soil protection

Those who deliver to us every day: